I scouted this beautiful young model when she walked over the street in front of my car. She showed up for her first shoot ever and within an hour of arriving performed so naturally and well in front of the camera, it was quite astounding. I work with first time models on a regular basis and seldom do I see someone blossom this fast. It took her only about half an hour before she started to understand how move in front of the camera, how to pose her body and to  just perform naturally. One thing that she’s got going for her is that she is, and photographs tall and beautiful, and that’s quite a huge plus for a model. I would love to work with Amy on a regular basis and I will definitely follow the progress of this young star! Amy did a sporty, informal shoot, a night on town and a little black dress.


Photographer: Elsofie Pitout, Assistant: Regardt Roos, Hair: Ermine Kirstein, Makeup: Natalie Collins, Stylist: Lente Kritzinger, Model: Amy