Alida is Gorgeous in Tyres

When Alida Mouton approached me a while back about a shoot depicting her involvement with the tyre industry, the importance of the task was eminent to me.

It was really important that Alida always looks her best, as she is the public face of CFP Tyres and continuously travels (from China, Dubai to Las Vegas and New York) and is photographed for various different functions, ranging from charities to auto shows or industrial commitments.

Therefore, I understood the importance of presenting a beautiful image of Alida. The stress of being in the public eye constantly can be enormous, and her traveling schedule, hectic. She is also the mother of two amazing children, Wiehan and Minke, so when at home she catches up for lost time and spends every moment with her kiddies.  When she arrives on location after a 20 hour flight, she needs to be ready to face the music, and look gorgeous doing it. Every single image of her that appears needs to be perfect!

Even though I always and constantly strive to do my absolute best, I realised that these photos would have to be exceptional to adhere to her public image. Also, combining tyres and fashion can be challenging for a glamour shoot, especially since we decided only tyres could be used. I am absolutely thrilled to say that the photos were amazing, especially since I found out that Alida is the easiest model to work with. Her energy, enthusiasm and and absolute willingness to work with the photographer, was astounding. This was the kind of attitude that is only found in the most experienced models!

This only confirmed to me why Alida was sent all over the world to represent the company and I would love to work with Alida again at any given moment!

Photographer: Elsofie Pitout, Makeup and Hair: Nethaline Renaud, Model: Alida Mouton