Happy, happy!

As we are entering the year 2014, full of anticipation and an eager attitude, we want to wish every single one of our fans, work colleagues and friends and family a beautiful and bright year! May every single day be productive, fun and full of love!

For the last two weeks we were in a very lousy internet reception area and I could not blog, so sorry about that! However, with the new year comes the news that I have signed a contract with Ernst Seegers and Associates and have already started with portfolio and other pics for the company. Ernst Seegers is a Cape Town based company with strong ties to the model and movie industry and I will soon blog some of my first projects.

Seeing that we’ve started with many models and actor’s portfolios, some of that work will (at first) be displayed, but big projects are in play for 2014, so watch this space!

Ernst is also involved in The wardrobe company Annies Angels and the hiring company is definitely worth visiting. They specialise in two departments, public and for professionals and whatever the project (from dress-up parties to wardrobe for shoots and professional magazine, movie and fashion work), you will find what’s needed there!

Till next time
Elsofie Pitout