CFP Calendar Crew

Our hard-working crew that took part in the making of the CFP Tyres Pty Ltd calendar for 2014.

Photographer: Elsofie Pitout

extras_hermanus-64Elsofie lives in Durbanville, Cape Town with her husband, Pieter and their three children Pieter, Lieschen and Marge. She fell in love with photography when she finally did what her father advised her since childhood: opened a newspaper, while living in the small town Utrecht, in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. She bought her first camera with the offspring of the one cow she inherited from her grandmother and without any notion of what she was doing, started Utrecht Visie, the town’s only newspaper to date. The experience proved invaluable as well as all her future quests. Shortly after moving to Cape Town she started her degree in photography and graphic design (Bachelor of Arts in Applied Design Specialising in Photography). She continued her passion and opened a studio, fashion being her main passion. Her dream in life is to continue to live and shoot with an open mind and as much passion as is possible.

Assistant: Regardt Roos

pikkiepooPixels. Pixels, pixels and more pixels…

I studied Multimedia & Graphic Design at City Varsity from 2009 – 2010, and developed a keen interest in photography. Besides the technical aspects, the design and colour of graphical designs and photographs, the thing that intrigues me the most is the story being told.

I enjoy working with different people, and gaining new knowledge and experience in the process.

Design is simple, I believe that “less is more.” -Robert Browning, 1855

Hair Stylist: Ermine Kirstein

Ermine KirsteinWith humble beginnings as apprentice hair dresser in Bloemfontein, Ermine Kirstein worked her way up in the hair industry during the last two decades to being an accomplished hair artist with renowned world wide experience.

From Caucasian to Asian and Ethnic and from clipper cuts to Avant Garde cat walk exhibitions, she travelled the world adding to an extensive career while being employed by from the lowliest of London hair salons to the pinnacle of private six star yachts and even rubbing shoulders with the elite in Kensington Palace!

This petite little redhead gained a reputation of unwavering integrity and professionalism in the industry that is only equaled and exceeded by the quality and ingenuity of her work.

Her success is based on a solid foundation of knowledge, hard earned experience and an unadulterated passion for her work as her extended portfolio illustrates.

She is a success story in the making and the answer to getting the job done in style.

Makeup: Natalie Collins Cosmetics

Natalie CollinsGrowing up I never had any interest in make-up, honestly I laughed at girls that wore make-up. I never knew the difference between eyeliner and blush, just the thought of using a brush to apply it was unheard of. I was quite the “tom boy” growing up and special effects is what got me on this exciting path. Wanting to make people look like they’ve been blown up was how I found City Varsity, earning myself a qualification as an Art Director. After 3 years of studying I started working at M.A.C cosmetics and everything changed!

While working there for 4 years, I learnt to love “pretty make-up” and how it just brightened up a person’s day. I once had a client that had just been released from rehab where she was being treated for depression (she had tried to commit suicide a few times), and it just so happened that she came into our store straight from there. She sat down in front of me and I did her make-up as she told me about herself and what she’d been through. When I had finished, she looked at herself and burst into tears (at this point we were both in tears) telling me she had never felt more beautiful in her whole life and that she now had the confidence to walk out there and face her family and friends. That day, make-up changed for me too, I saw it in a completely different light. I saw it as a tool to brighten someone’s life or day. A way to show someone that they are Naturally Beautiful and that make-up enhances what is already there.