October, November, Desember

October: Jacqueline R

October: Jacqueline R (3D Model Management) is all the way from Louisiana, USA and came to South Africa for the modelling season. She plays a lot of sport like volleyball, track and basketball. She is 20 years old and dating an South African. She graduated top 10 in high school and studied Product Development at the Fashion Institution in Los Angeles, CA. Jacqueline is living in SA for a few months, doing modelling, and is great in front of the camera.

November: Barbara Kuylen

November: The biggest surprise about Barbara Kuylen (3D Model Management) is that she speaks fluent Afrikaans en though she is from Belgium. Even though the language sounds very alike, it still took her 2/ 3 months to understand it perfectly. She loves horse riding, ballet, ballroom, modelling and traveling. She is studying for hospitality management and living in Stellenbosch. Barbara is one of the models that I found ridiculously easy to direct in front of the camera and her easy way of moving (probably from all the dancing) makes her the perfect model. I would love to work with her again. Follow Barbara on Twitter:  @BarbaraKuylen

December: Alida Mouton

December: Alida Mouton is the beautiful face of CFP Tyres and also one of the mega company’s four directors. She travels the world on a regular basis to represents CFP Tyres, or one of it’s brands. In the last two years alone she has traveled to China six times, Dubai (Auto Mekanika), Mauritius, Las Vagas and a few other countries to present the brand.

Alida is intimately interested in fashion and because of her high profile job, needs to look presentable wherever she goes. She regularly cycles, loves Mug and Bean coffee and her favourite colour is animal print. Follow Alida on Twitter:  @Alida_Mouton