Calendar Models For July, August & September

July: Natalie Martin

July: Natalie Martin (3D model management) lives in Cape Town and has modelled for the last five years. Natalie loves fashion, but her very interesting hobbies are figure skating, hiking and traveling. Natalie moves easily in front of the camera, posed for our winter look and is spontaneous and easy to work with.

August: Eden Thackwray

August: Eden Thackwray’s  (3D model management) striking eyes drew all the attention in this shoot. She says: “I’m 18 years old and I’m a psychology student at Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town and loving it! I’m passionate about helping people in my community and leading people around me to reach their goals and potential in life. My dream is to one day use what I’m studying now wherever I travel, hopefully working in Israel for a season. I really enjoy being outdoors and I absolutely love the beach.”

September: Bee Sogobile

September: Bee Sogobile’s  (3D model management) full name is Babalwa, but everyone knows her as Bee. She’s 19 years old and doing her first year at City Varsity in film and television production. She says: The one thing I love doing is going out, of course, reading books and listening to music. I love to laugh and smile a lot! Meeting new people will never bore me, because I’m such a socialite. Oh, how can I forget, such a foodie! It’s my favourite hobby out of everything!” Bee is a friendly person who gets along with everyone and shooting her in mustard yellow, reminded me of the poise of an African Queen. Follow Bee on Twitter: @Real_MsBee

Hair: Ermine Hair, facebook
Make-up: Natalie Collins Cosmetics,