Beautiful Calendar Models

April: Bridget Bizzah

April: Bridget Bizzah is an experienced model in television commercials, stills and fashion shows. Her hobbies are swimming, running, dancing, watching movies and shows. She says: “I love socializing with different people of all over the world!” I loved her beautiful smile and natural grace in front of the lens. Her spontaneous personality  is contagious and she work wonderfully in front of the camera.

May: Shireen Isaacs

May: Shireen Isaacs is a lover of music and fashion and models in Cape Town. She has arachnophobia (a fear of spiders). She says: “I am a carefree, fun loving person with a zest for life.” Her poise and attitude shines through when shooting her and she absolutely pulled off the surrealistic look we planned for her. Follow Shireen on Twitter: @ShireenIsaacs

 June: Leandri de Kock

June: Leandri de Kock is passionate about journalism and creative writing. She’s been doing ballet since the age of three and is in the process of becoming a teacher.She says: “I love animals (more than most people) and I love being with the ones I love. It is seldom that a photographer encounters such a flawless skin and natural bone structure. I’d love to work with her again. Follow Leandri on Twitter: @LeandriDeKock

The calendar was done in collaboration with 3D Model Management and all three models can be reached on their website:

Hair: Ermine Hair, facebook
Make-up: Natalie Collins Cosmetics,