First three calendar.

In collaboration with CFP Tyres and 3D Model Management, we decided to make a calendar for 2014. The calendar is a digital media project, so that means a lot of photoshop elements were added to the final images. So the final calendar will look quite different from these photos, but we decided to let you have a sneak peak. Enjoy!

January: Karynie Oliveira

Jan: Karynie Oliveira, imported from Brazil, does not speak a word of English, but still spoke volumes for the camera. To gather some info from her we decided to load a translation app and typed to each other. This was what she said: “I’m from Brazil and I love Rio de Janeiro, I love modelling, it is part of my life. Love sports, they make sure I always stay in shape, like football.”

February: Margot van Wyk

Feb: Margot van Wyk is a public relations and marketing coordinator in Cape Town. She studied in Port Elizabeth at NMMU, loves going to the theatre and does ballet part time. She says: “My one goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy in the world.” Margot was pure pleasure to work with and her Frida Kahlo inspired look was great for Feb. Follow Margot on Twitter:  @ChellseaBunn

March: Lieschen Pitout

March: Lieschen Pitout is a vibrant and exciting model, with a natural grace. She loves horse riding and does show jumping, which she would love to continue with for the rest of her life. She truly enjoys modelling and wants to tour the world on a modelling work visa.  Follow Lieschen on Twitter: @Li3Li3

Thank you to 3D Model Management for your collaboration. Follow them on Twitter: @3dmodelmgmt

Hair: Ermine Hair, facebook
Make-up: Natalie Collins Cosmetics,