How to use social media for modelling

Through the last 10 years we’ve all grown accustomed to social media as a means of connecting with people, sharing stories, keeping up with others in a hectic lifetime with everything moving at super- speed. What caught most of us as a huge surprise though, was the impact social media such as websites (usual landing page), Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth had on our business life. So, without sounding crass, if you have a business and you’re not using these almost free, limitless types of media, you will not have a business in five years or so. In modelling in five years, you’ll probably be too old for the business.

Modelling is a business as any other. Except maybe for the fact that it focusses doubly on image and reach. So, being a model and not having a deliberately planned, carefully thought out image on the internet, is suicide. The other thing a model has to understand, is that your agent can do only so much without your help. So be pro-active and involved in your own marketing and image. Do not wait for the midnight fairy to come and save you! Take charge and make things happen!

Here’s a few tips to what you need to do:

  • Website: Yes, you need one! Even if it’s only nano, two page website. Your portfolio must clearly displayed, easy accessible and your agency (and contact details) stated. Important to remember that people do business with people, not websites, so keep it personal and fun, but still professional.
  • Facebook: your personality counts! Use your brain and understand what should go on Facebook and what not. BUT, it’s very important to engage every day or two.
  • LinkedIn: Have a business profile and keep it updated, at least once a week.
  • Twitter: You have to tweet approximately three times a day.
  • Other: Yes, many others can help a lot, but do not start to use something and then leave it hanging. I can not count how many times I tried to contact models and could not find them, they are pregnant, out of country, whatever! I’ll never contact them again!


  • Link your accounts, so that if you blog (website) it appears on all the other media.
  • Do not link Twitter to the others, as it’s too much info and might start to irritate. But others should be linked to Twitter.
  • Read up on it! All the info you need is set out in millions of places on the internet, use it!


  • It’s really important to know how and when to use content.
  • So it is usually like this: strong content (say you’ve done a shoot), website first, linked to all, Facebook photos next, tagging the photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist and assistants. They also need the exposure (so it’s just logical to do it) and it borders on illegal (yes, really! Don’t mess with copyright!) not to do it. Besides, these are the people that might hire you again.
  • Keep your audience responsive and engaged. Any comments: you will answer them.
  • Negative response: its happens. The rule is mostly, respond and engage. This will show other readers that you’re serious about what you do. If it becomes insulting or personal, you can block the person, but remember to keep whatever your response is, extremely professional.

I’ve included a fun video to bring my point home:

If anybody has some questions to ask, you’re more than welcome to respond and I’ll try to answer!

Featured image: Phtographer: Elsofie Pitout, Assistant: Regardt Roos, Make-up: Louiza J. Studio; Hair Styling:Ermine Hair; Models: Alice- Trigger Models