Horror movie posters!

Sometimes inspiration can come in the weirdest forms and this month it is portrayed in these wonderfully vintage horror movie posters. The shoot was done in the middle of the night to create a creepy, eery feel and we had so much fun that we almost did not sleep at all that night. We used single point lighting, long exposure, higher and lower viewpoints to play a little with the audience’s psyche, as well as cutting the photos a little off centre to create a little dissonance.









Hair and make-up for our terror shoot was done expertly by Ermine Kirstein and Yolandie du Plessis and I think we can applaud them for their amazing work.

In post production we added the horrible fonts we all love to hate that reminds of a time where a lot was done with few printing colours and creativity was the rule, rather than the exception. This is definitely one of the themes I will play with in future and I look forward to exploring the stranger side of the mind with you.

Photographer: Elsofie Pitout, Assistant: Regardt Roos, Make-up: Yolandie du Plessis, Hair: Ermine Kirstein, Styling: Elsofie Pitout, William Sharpe, Garments: Photographer’s own, Alida’s Closet, Models: Gizelle Serdyn, Adri Louw, Annabelle Pieters, Allicia van Zyl, House sponsored by Tessa Pitout