The Colour of Fish

Using the brilliant inspiration of the sea and rocks, combined with the glistering, metal colours of fish, the textures of moss, water and underwater creatures as a theme, incorporated into swimsuit fashion, this shoot captures the sparkle of the sea and combines it with harsh truth and reality.

We were aiming for the viewer to be able to smell the fish! In my own life the sea played a huge role and I can honestly say that this lifelong relationship with the sea often comes through in my work.

Searching ‘fish and fashion’ on the internet I expected to find millions of examples of this and was shocked to see how few there actually was. This inspired me even more to do the shoot. I was adamant that the fashion idea should be combined with the true idea of the sea, grimy and beautiful, slimy and sexy, fishy and fashion. So in search for the perfect swimsuits I found a wonderful selection at Slate, Willowbridge Mall. The open air photos were taken at dawn, for great emphasis of the golden hour colours. I also played with more direct sunlight on the models. I hope this shoot entertains, delights and fascinates you, the viewer.

Fisher-9 Fisher-1 Fisher-3 Fisher-4 Fisher-7 Fisher-8 Fisher-6 Fisher-2 Fisher-5

Photographer: Elsofie Pitout

Assistant: Regardt Roos

Makeup: Yolandie du Plessis

Hair: Ermine Kirstein

Styling: William Sharpe

Models: Adri Louw, Annabelle Pieters, Allicia van Zyl

Bikinis: Slate