Never before footage of Amazon Women!

Photographer Elsofie Pitout recently released footage of the reclusive Amazon women in their natural environment.

Before this the tribe was seen as almost mythical, extinct and the photos caused uproar in the scientific community. Elsofie, who refuses to reveal the location of her shots, was unavailable for comment, but wrote in her paper on the women that they are ‘almost agressive about their privacy’. She got to take this footage by living with them for more than a year.

The work, named Amazon Women, features the medicine woman, shaman, leader and one young warrior. A lot of attention was given to fashion wear, cultural accessories, hair and makeup. Note the sculls incorporated in the custom wear! The photography focussed on camouflage, forest and human influence on the environment.

Credits to the Team:

  • Photographer: Elsofie Pitout
  • Photography Assistant: Regardt Roos
  • Hair: Ermine Kirstein
  • Make-up: Yolandie du Plessis, Louiza J. Studio
  • Models: Adri Louw, Annabelle Pieters, Allicia van Zyl, Gizelle Serdyn
  • Wardrobe: Slate, Alida’s closet.
  • Accessories: Slate, Hanchen Jordaan
  • Location: Unknown