Child photography

When doing child photography it is exceedingly important to take personality into account. For today’s post, I decided to use my daughter Marge, who is my little drama queen, actor and dancer! Based on her personality type I decided to let her dress herself and do what she wanted in front of the lens without too much guidance. Just like I expected, she did her own thing and probably not things I would have suggested. Just look how wonderful the pictures came out!

Sometimes, allowing the circumstances to guide you, rather than planning every photo, can turn up unexpected surprises and lead to wonderful photos. Letting the child’s personality and natural inclinations free and focussing on impulse is creation in motion. If perhaps the child is shy, use this with something to hide behind and shoot slower. Perhaps give the child something to play with to distract from the camera.

The point is that every person is different and you should take this into account for your shoot. This can be highly rewarding.

Till next week!