Models: Tips for standing out above the horde of models out there.

There are millions of pretty faces out there. Make sure you are the one the team will remember!

  • Make sure you are professional! Do not refuse work, be fussy, throw tantrums, turn up hung over, smell, be late, be timid, sulk, bitch with other models, talk about religion (the person next to you might have another), politics (ditto), be vulgar, show off, be a drama queen…. The list goes on and on. Just don’t do it!
  • Have personality! That does not mean you overwhelm. Perhaps just talk, to the make-up artist, stylist, photographer.
  • You perform a job. Remember this! Most of the people working with you are busy and probably tired. Be a positive energy, not a negative one.
  • POSE! If the photographer should ask you to hang up side down, do it! (Only work with good photographers) I, as a photographer WILL remember if you refuse. Besides, some of the best shots are the not-so-normal ones.
  • Smile! Some photographers can be nasty. Or other models. Teach yourself to handle this in your stride and be able to smile at a second’s notice. Have a friend insult you. Jip. Then smile. Insult, then look sexy. Insult, then look angry. Go through all the emotions you can remember. But do not start crying. This will spoil your make-up and waste everybody’s time. I, of course, am always friendly. I might still not invite you back if you mess up my day.
  • Have something special. I’ll explain. Coco Roche is famous for posing, Cindy Crawford for her beauty spot, Linda Evangelista for cutting her hair, Tyra Banks for her extravagant personality. Get something that distincts you from the rest, a trademark, so to speak.
  • Make sure your portfolio stays updated. Things tend to change very fast in the modeling world. Organise shoots with friends, volunteer for upcoming photographers and designers.
  • Leave your Z – Card. Sometimes you need a model, fast, perhaps for a blog post, whatever. I often choose to work with people I have worked with before. If I do not have your card, what can I say?
  • Listen to the advice of the professionals.  I’ve had shoots where I tell a model to please never do something again, and she’ll be doing it again in 10 seconds.

Model Interview by André Lammers, currently New York based and loving it!


  • What are the things you found makes a model stand out from the rest?

The most important aspect that makes one model stand out more than the other simply lies in presence. I found that even the most beautiful girls where scared and shy. This industry is tough and being aware of what you are doing and how you apply your personality to it can benefit you above the rest.

  • What are complaints you most often get from photographers, designers, etc. about models?

Models start to become lazy at some point, it’s trying to stand in front of a camera every day but it’s still your job and you have to be a part of the whole process. Helping on set can make the process so much easier and comfortable, because working in a tense environment shows in the pictures.  I found being friendly, on time and respecting the industry will create a better career for yourself.

  • Give a few hints for models.

Working out even if it’s just a hike is not only good for your body and brain but soul and heart too. Positivity in a models attitude is a good starting point. Practice your poses if you don’t have a set and know the product what your shooting. Do research before hand to see what the product feel is so that you are prepared for the shoot. Take direction well and follow instructions. The photographer has an idea and you are the canvas. If you can’t work and trust a photographer there won’t be any good material to use. It is always better to dress the part for the casting…the casting director want’s to see what the brief requests.

  • How do agencies choose which models to send to castings?

A brief  describes what the client is looking for, sometimes there is a piece of text to be read, and any other specifications that the client requests. This gets sent out to the agencies and the agent compares the brief to his board of models. This is how a model receives a casting and get to hopefully book the job.

  • How should a new model start?

To find an agency is always good to have a few head shots and full length shots to show the agency. Find a few agencies that you can relate to and contact them regarding sending the photos to the booker. You can also drop the photos of at and agency or ask to see the booker. Some agencies have open house castings where you could walk in and show your photos. They will consider if you fit their look and to what is current and happening in the industry. From there you will get the idea of what agency you could be signing with.