Models: Interview: Danielle Klopper: Advice from a fashion photographer

“I love the predictability and unpredictability of photography and light, you can try and control it and capture a moment,
but in the end it always surprises you.”

Danielle Klopper

photoI spoke briefly to Danielle Klopper and what she as a photographer likes and dislikes in a model. Danielle has been working as a fashion photographer for the past 6 years and have shot for

  • You have worked with models for a while. What do you expect of a model?
1. Good skin is sooo important. Look after yourself and your body. No fake tans please… and an even skin tone really makes a difference. The more natural your hair is the better. Then of course attitude. you have to be positive. Be happy to be on the shoot. Be willing to go the extra mile… but never do something that makes you really uncomfortable, this will show in the pics as well.
  • What kind of behaviour do you despise in a model?

2. Definitely stubbornness and the “I know better attitude” Yes, you maybe have worked with other photographers and stylists, but never get on board and start telling the stylist and makeup artist what to do because you know everything. Not cool! Unless it is totally horrible. You should never do something you really don’t want to do!!

  • How much should a model talk in a shoot?

3.  Hahaha! Talking and communicating is never wrong. Just don’t force your opinion! Energy and chemistry between the model and the team is great, the more fun they have the better the pictures. That said… telling them stories while the photographer is shooting… haha. Keep it for in between looks.

  • When will you rehire a model?

4. Rehiring.. or working again with models can depend on a few things. Attitude and spark is a big one, and then movement. How well the model knows her own body and can move in front of the lens is crucial. You may have the most amazing face but if you don’t know how to move, bring emotion over into the photographs and know which angles YOU look best in,  it’s no use. I’d rather work again with an amazing MODEL.. than an person with an amazing face.

  • Which advice can you give to aspiring models?

5.. Hmmm, advice…. look after your body and skin, eat right, gym and don’t be shy. If you want to make it big you have to be willing to be on board with the photographer’s vision. I am not saying be a pornstar (or do things that you know is going too far) , but being very shy and not being able to be in a bikini etc… is not going to get you there.

Also buy a Vogue, go online, see what’s out there fashion and trend wise in photography and clothing. So you also know where the team is coming from when explaining the concept etc.