February: Models: Interacting with your photographer

What does a photographer search for in a model?

Well, the answer to this is way easier than you’d think. Someone that can be directed, full of energy and eager to get the job done. Let’s say you, as a photographer, has to choose between two models, equally gorgeous, it definitely comes down to the one that is easy to work with, listens to you and has enough confidence to do what needs to be done.

Learn to read the situation. Every shoot has it’s own crew, character and theme. The personality of the day will be in tune with this. So posing, acting and garments will correlate  Make sure that you understand what is needed from you and that you understand the goal of the day before you get to the camera. Ask questions to the makeup artist, stylist and hairstylist. They either helped to plan the shoot or was informed really well as to what was wanted. They can either be your allies or enemies.

A few things to remember:

  • Even if you think you know more than the photographer, do not try to direct him/ her. It will be taken as an insult and you will never be asked to do a job again.
  • Do ask questions or make suggestions, but make sure that this is not in an intrusive manner.
  • Be sensitive to mood. Some shoots are bubbly and sexy and some relaxed or quite. Make sure that you understand how to blend with this.
  • Stay positive! Remember to breathe. Even if things should get tense, be relaxed and down to earth.
  • Make small movements. Many models do not understand how to make small movements and that can make the difference between a good and a perfect shot.

Every photographer will be different, so I decided to present you with an interview with Billy – Jean Raad, a photographer friend:

  • Billy, tell us a little about yourself.398626_2935732325978_1617444326_n
I am a South African Lebanese. I was raised on a farm in Clan William, and decided to travel the world after completing school. I studied Marketing Management and then later on decided to study photography and pursue my passions. I value family and friends the most and love the outdoors, music, adventure and all things beautiful.
  • You have worked with models for a while. What do you expect of a model?
Well every individual is different and one should take personality types into consideration, but for the most of it, I expect confidence and a positive “I can do everything my photographer asks me to do” attitude. At the end of the day we get paid to deliver a product to our clients, and if a model is professional and uses initiative where possible it just makes the job so much easier.
  • What kind of behaviour do you despise in a model?
Vanity. All models may be beautiful, but beauty is measured differently by different people.
  • How much should a model talk in a shoot?
At the beginning I think its important to talk a little so that one can get to know the personality type, and the model can feel comfortable with their photographer but there after – silence is key. This gives one the chance to think creatively and give direction as needed. 
  • When will you rehire a model?
When they have met all the requirements above.
  • Which advice can you give to aspiring models?
Stay healthy, but keep fit. Be professional ! Study various poses and get to know what works for you. This way you will become confident and be any photographer’s dream.

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