My cool new 5m wide backdrop. Woohoo!

Got my new 5m wide PVC backdrop!

I guess some things fall into your lap and some you really have to search for! It took me more than a year of searching before I found someone that could make my seamless, beautiful backdrop. So, thank you to Chilli Pix Photography: for going to the trouble of doing research and go through a lot of trouble in my quest.

Halfhalo Studio PVC Backdrop

The reasons for such a wide backdrop is obvious: I can photograph bigger stuff, like motorbikes, way less Photoshop, photographing groups become such a lot easier and hell, it’s just cool! I guess it should be available everywhere, as it makes such a lot of sense, even though I’m glad that it does give my studio some advantage my own shooting and renting .

I took a photo like this so that the scale could be visually explained. Me, tractor tyre, conventional backdrop (black) and new 5 m backdrop (white). The PVC backdrop is black and white, double sided.

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