An ode to the people I work with

As I wondered what to write about this year and I realised how much I’ve accomplished, I guess my thoughts immediately focussed on those I worked with and how much I appreciate every little thing that was done for me! Without the special people I worked with, this business could just not exist.

Every single model, make-up artist, stylist or any other person that helped me through this year, know that I keep my friends deep in my heart and will remember the early mornings, late nights, being on time and giving me your best effort no matter what the circumstances.

My hubby, children and family, thank you for believing in me with such unwavering adoration. It is impossible for me not to believe in myself as it just goes against everything my family believes of me. In an ideal world every person should have a family like mine!

Regardt Roos

Regardt Roos, Assistant and Graphic Designer

A special thanx to my personal assistant, Regardt.

When Regardt came to work for me about a year back I’ve just been dealing with the deaths of my father and father in law, and my husband’s leukaemia (he just finished his final Chemo a few months ago) over a period of 3 years. Without fail Regardt is always upbeat, works his ass off, and whenever I’m feeling lethargic or just can’t cope, Regardt just calmly cruises on and so the work gets done.

Sue Faith Levy

Sue Faith Levy

Sue, thank you for taking such an interest in my work! Your enthusiasm and energy is contagious! I really enjoyed taking your photos, you’ve helped me such a lot with marketing and you can know, this is how a friendship is born!

Jeanine de Goede

Jeanine de Goede

Jeanine: Even though we did not work together for the last few months, I will always think of you as someone who helped me to my feet when my business was born. Your ideas, energy and laughter helped such a lot!

Then, even though I can’t name everyone specifically, I intend to leave a space every month for the people behind the scenes. To make-up artists, hair stylists and stylists: you know how a shoot is made, you know the effort of planning, getting everybody and everything together and what it really takes to complete a project.

Lastly: to my customers, those who place their faith in me, thank you!

In January I will be doing a new range of inspirational photos (that I’m already planning for) for the blog’s theme each month and I am looking forward to the next year with more excitement than I have felt in quite a while! What a wonderful feeling to know that support like mine exist!

Have a fantastic holiday time and see everyone in the new year!