Tarah and Andrew Engagement December 10


Tarah & Andrew Engagement Shoot

Arriving on the beach what strikes me about this couple is their absolute easy going way, their comfort with each other and how they communicate almost without speaking. Yes, I would definitely say they belong together!

Tarah and Andrew Engagement-82

In the hot afternoon sun we begin the shoot and where I often have to throw away the first few pics of a shoot because of people being uncomfortable in front of the camera, this time I suffer to choose. We decided beforehand to have sunny, backlit photos reminding of an intimate picnic setting. The flow of the shoot is easy and very soon I know I’ve got what we require. So we had a little extra time to play with distortion, colour and flare, something that is on my mind a lot recently.

Tarah was the winner of my competition for the wedding expo and we have repeatedly scheduled this shoot and it even rained out, but we finally have it done! I hope you like the photos!