Spring Cleaning

So, here comes the end of the year! Again.

And with that thoughts of how to commence into wonderful 2013. As a photographer and new blogger a little planning was in order and this is what I came up with: 12 new themes for a new year, 12 inspirational shoots (not work, strictly fun) and 48 new blog posts (one a week). This is my promise to you, my audience! Ta-da!

My themes range from models, studio, lighting, hair & make-up etc. So let’s say for instance my theme for the month is models (January), my blogs could perhaps be: how to pose, creating a portfolio, interacting with your photographer & tips for standing out above the horde of models out there.

So starting December with this awesome new tradition, I decided to throw in a little competition in there, just for the hell of it. With a shoot, hair & make-up. Here’s how it works: Every single one of us (see self portrait) wishes to have a beautiful pic to use in our internet quest. And let’s face it: to accidentally find a nice pic of yourself can be an impossible quest. So, here’s the deal: my winner will be treated to a shoot (hair & make-up included), either in studio or on location (the beach, your house, wherever), however, it must be in the Cape Town vicinity.

Halfhalo Competition Win a Photoshoot

But you’ll have to work for the honour of having such amazing Facebook pics. Firstly please do like my Facebook page, Half Halo Photography, send me a video clip, photo, little written paragraph explaining why you deserve to be our star, tag yourself and get your friends to like your photo or video clip. The most entertaining or original entry wins! These things will count in your favour: humour (please be funny), amazing, adventurous, inspirational, epic, etc. This will count against you: soppiness of any kind, being boring, depressing entries or if I see tears of any kind, your out! My reason: Everybody has a story, but we can respond by either being positive or sad. This is my philosophy and I’m sticking with it.

Hair is sponsored by the amazing Ermine Kirstein and make-up by fantastic Louiza, of Louiza J Studios and I thank these wonderful ladies in advance for their always cheerful and willing help.

Ermine Hair

Louiza Calore Studio