Selective_Light_Bridal-9 November 09


Time for inspirational photography

I use to watch Annie Leibowitz, one of my heros, in her movie, Life through the Lens, every time with such admiration. For the foreseeable future I would struggle and try to log around a camera everywhere I go. Now that I think back on it I guess I can be glad that I wasn’t robbed, but anyway, the conclusion I eventually came to was that it does not work for me. Even though I would have liked to be more like this, life came in between and because I could not create amazing results like this, always felt like a little loser. 

With a little experience (mostly into my inner self) I found a way that really does work for me, though. Making specific time. To me a camera is like a little magic wand and it still fascinates me every time I pick it up, l peek to the world through it, I change a lens and reality shifts into a complete other world. So I decided not to get my worlds crossed but rather keep my beautiful dreams to fantasy time and keep this world (shopping, traffic, schools etc) away from my carefully guarded secrets.

Because, believe me, there is just absolutely nothing on earth that breaks your wonderful passion, inspiration and imagination (very valuable stuff) as having a baby cling to you while trying to shoot, thinking about the bills or shopping, or perhaps missing the party or even just having stress. 

But here is the catch: with care and unfailing determination make sure, and I mean sure, that you do schedule time for your wonderful photography. If you don’t you will find that you have a pretty little lie in your head that never ever evolves into real photography. Perhaps, if you do it as a hobby, once every week. If professional, perhaps a few days a week (leaving time for editing etc).

If you are professional, also remember that doing your work may perhaps not be the type of inspirational photography I’m talking about. Say for instance your dream is being a nature photographer but you take photos of families, do leave time to walk a trail, camera in hand.

For fashion photography I carefully plan inspirational shoots, with makeup, hair stylist, venue or studio, theme, planned to the last detail and then execute. I know this takes a LOT of time, but when I do shoot though, I do exactly what I want. The fulfillment of this method is just ecstatic and leaves wonderful results. 

Until next time