The dreaded self portrait


As the internet goes and Herald (my hesitant internet guru) frequently reminds me, no one wants to follow (twitter) an egg-head! So about two months ago I crossed the borders that should never be crossed, from behind the camera, to in front of the camera and started planning my self portrait. Oh, the horror!

How does one portray oneself to the world? I know that knowingly or not, every day I step out of the house I do so in anyway, but in SA we have a kind of laid back attitude towards the whole image thing. Way more important to me is being a honest, kind, awesome human being. But still, it seems, this self portrait thing has to happen. Damn you, egg head!

So after deliberating for a few months, I took the step, booked a date and really committed to this whole stupid affair of a public image when, promptly, I walked into a glass door and broke my nose. Upon which I immediately took it as an sign of universal disapproval and happily threw the project in the dustbin! The internet guru was not happy. Sigh. 

So, much against my will, like a doggy being pulled on a leash to the doggy bath, I am, sigh, doing it again. Hereby I promise that my self portrait will be out in about a month. Maybe. Well, if the universe allows. Sigh.

I know that I’m suppose to have fun with these things, so I thought that if perhaps if I do quite a few I can bring a little humor into it. Maybe once a month a new theme? Anyway, I do refuse to take this whole internet conspiracy seriously, so do not expect these photos to be. 

So, do keep watching this space for my upcoming, sigh, self portraits.