Everyone of us sometimes needs a little inspiration. You know, when things start getting into a slump and you struggle to keep a grasp on that elusive dream that you believe in so firmly.

Photography TrendsSo this weekend I went to the Photo & Film Expo in Jo’burg to gain a little perspective and guess what happens? I found a new hero!

Funny enough, not a photographer, but rather a trend analyst  Dave Nementh. Listening to his speech on the changing trends in photography I got back all the inspiration I might have lacked for the last few months. Which is weird, as his whole presentation was about how every person in the world is a photographer (cell phones, Ipads etc.) and how the formal photographer is growing outdated and will probably not exist for much longer.

However, when he showed how the internet age influenced fashion photography, it had a huge impact. Fashion photography, just as the rest of the world, is going back to analogue photography and because of the instant age we live in, it might even be bad analogue photography. Because of the millions of instant images we see every day, we can sort of relate to this phenomena.

A nostalgia for vintage is another theme that strongly influences the masses. Perhaps because of an overload of information, we long for a previous era, in which humanity lived a simpler life. So this is often translated into soft, romantic light, images with a brown or yellow overlay or even dramatically under lighted photos.

So, in reference to my new muse I have decided to plan a few new shoots to add to my portfolio, each highlighting a different trend and doing my lighting, poses, make-up and garments to specifically compliment these trends. So, in my own way, I welcome the instant age! I also hope to work with specific designers, teaming each with one of the trends to create new and beautiful shoots.

I can also not wait to try out my new Lensbaby Creative Kit to create some of these effects. Let you all know how it goes!


Ps: Will discuss each trend as I do my research

These photos were taken for Sue Levy, a Cape Town blogger and inspirational figure in our community. “I’m a Motivational writer and Media designer, who is obsessed with everything Inspirational with a hint of Geek.” -Sue

Model: Sue Faith Levy,, Make-up & Hair: Terri Lucks Richards, Venue: Steenberg Hotel, Cape Town