Rock-a-Billy, A look Behind the Scenes

Rockabilly Jeanine-2Each month we will be doing an Inspirational shoot, giving us the freedom to play with theme and concept. This month we worked with Anonamiss Beauty Emporium on creating a vintage Rock-a-Billy look. We even got lucky enough to borrow a motorcycle from the actual time period. (1940’s – 1960’s)

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We worked with Anonamiss, who did the make-up, and asked them to tell us a bit more about themselves and the experience of the day:

“Our company, AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium, is the South African distributor of the Manic Panic brand of hair dyes and alternative cosmetics.

We regularly do photo shoots with our various products, to use as promotional and marketing material.
When we came across a customer of ours with the most amazing head of Manic Panic Rock ‘n Roll Red hair, and a gorgeous face to boot, we just HAD to capture it! Hence us contacting Half Halo Photography Studio to work their magic!
The look and feel we wanted to portray with the shoot was the glamourous, yet edgy, vibe of our company, as well as the ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ inspired name of the hair dye.
The concept we came up with was inspired by the Rockabilly culture, which is a modern throw-back to the 1940’s and 50’s pin-up style. Obviously our modern alternative spin on the Classic look came in the form of the flaming red hair, bold bright coloured make-up, and motifs and prints such as skulls, cherries and leopard print.
We finally had to decide on just four looks, although we could have carried on playing dress-up and changing up the make-up and hair for hours, we were having so much fun!
The hair was mainly styled in a very traditional Rockabilly hairstyle known as Victory Rolls (named after those fancy flight moves done by the pilots during WWII).
Jeanine’s hair is obviously coloured with Manic Panic Rock ‘n Roll Red, which is one of the 30 colours available in this range of vegan-friendly semi-permanent hair colour. bts_rockabilly-27
Other must-have components to a Rockabilly/Pin-Up look are perfectly defined and arched eyebrows (which we created by filling in, reshaping, and extending Jeanine’s eyebrows using the Manic Panic Brow Beautiful brow powder in Raven) and a perfect red pout! We started off using Manic Panic Highvoltage Lipstick in Vampire Red, which is a very true blue-undertone red, which tends to match a wide spectrum of skin tones ( and make your teeth look sparkly and white!) For some of the later looks ( Jeanine on the bike, and donning her bandana) we played up the lips by cheekily adding a layer of Manic Panic Micro Glitter in Ruby Slippers over the lipstick.
Cheeks were blushed with a combination of Manic Panic Powder Shadow in Pussy Galore and Vampire Red. A highlight shimmer was added just above the cheekbone using Manic Panic Coffin Dust in Hemlock.
For the eyes, we wanted to be a little more adventurous than the typical natural shadow and black liner combo of  a good pin-up look. So we chose Manic Panic Glitter Shadow in Electric Sky, which is a bold electric blue, which we blended out with Manic Panic Lust Dust in Electric Sky. For an extra highlight and more glitz (because you can just never have too much) we highlighted the area just beneath the brow with Manic Panic Glam Dust, which is an opalescent micro fine glitter, which was adhered with Manic Panic Glam Glue. Manic Panic eye pencil in Blue Angel was smudged underneath the eye.The eye was completed with a black wingtip eyeliner done using Manic Panic gel Spider Liner in Raven. Later on we changed up the eyes slightly by adding Glitter Shadow in Mystic Heather to the outer corners. The look was finally completed with a pair of Ooh La Lash lashes in 068. No look is EVER complete without a set of eyelashes!
We were also very fortunate to have an amazing selection of Rockabilly and Pin-up inspired clothing and accessories lent to us for the shoot by Miss Happ, a Cape Town based vintage rockabilly and pinup clothing and accessory label. The outcome of the shoot would definitely not have been as spectacular without the stunning threads!
We are extremely thrilled with the results and thank Half Halo for the amazing work and all the effort! The fact that you managed to surprise us with that motorbike just shows how well you guys listen and understand your clients! You knew exactly what we were going for!
From our side,an awesome collaboration all round!
Thank you!”

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