An Inquiry into existance

So. I’ve been ordered to be a blogger by my marketing manager (my poor friend Herald, who because of his degree in programming has to put up with my daily inquiries). I guess writing daily immediately poses a few questions: what do I write about? Who reads these things? But why?

Here goes:

  1. What: It seems that writing what’s on your mind is sufficient, so that will be exactly what I’l do. I’ll even give you a preview of what’s usually on my mind: photography, life, comets that might strike the earth at any moment, human nature and how humour can make anything a bit better. How to make a business work (happening at the moment in my life), a little bit of technical photography stuff, SA and it’s pros and cons, family and friends and anything that might tickle my fancy at 5 in the morning.
  2. Who: who knows these things? Certainly not me!
  3. Why: because I was repeatedly told to do it and finally gave in. Please do not take my lack of enthusiasm for a lack of enthusiasm, but rather a general distrust of these virtual things. I do love writing and seeing as I’m constantly awake at 5 in the morning, it should soon be a almost regular thing. I’ll try to include photos and other interesting things and let you (the virtual unreality) know what catches my little ADD attention at the moment, so never a dull moment.

What not to expect:

  1. Any kind of regularity of theme and mind. It’s a myth, regular does not exist! Just like ‘normality’, what a scam! I guess normality can be based on normal, thus, the average and who wants to be average?
  2. Any kind of sentiment, soppiness or other basic beliefs that helps weird people justify their strange existence and acceptance of stupidity. I don’t do soppy. I truly believe that life is there to experiment with, to have fun with and to chose your own, unique moral values from. So there will be no puppies or babies! I do love animals and children (I have 3) but it’s the general sentiment that I just can not stand. If I do put my children on (guess I’ll have to introduce them) I’ll make sure that it will not be in the form of videos that will make teary eyed aunts smile into their handkerchiefs on their wedding days.
  3. Nothing snobbish, as this is the biggest from of fooling yourself. Including being an intelligence, money, art, possession,  moral, or whatever else kind of snob. If you ever catch me doing this, please let me know and I’ll immediately stop.

I do reserve the right to change my mind at any given moment as the only thing that does not change all the time is…., well I guess there’s just nothing.

About photography: I see this as just another trip into my imagination and will continue to change and explore new avenues of fantasy. One of the reasons I am a photographer is to play with reality, just a moment of fancy, I guess.

Well, I guess that’s it for today